FULL MOON in Scorpio

Welcome to the Full Moon in Scorpio, happening on May 18th. This is a moon of intensity, emotional release, and ultimately transformation. We are working with the full moon energy which is energy of illumination and lighting up our shadow side. The full moon “lights the way to transformation” as it uncovers energetic blocks and patterning in order to release them.

When the moon is full, we are working with the energy of opposition. This full moon is bringing us the mystical energy of Scorpio and the grounded energy of Taurus. Opposition in the sky can feel intense here on earth, and that is why some people have a hard time with the full moon. There is friction and opposition surrounding us, almost forcing us to deal with our lack of balance and harmony.

Even though the energy has felt incredibly heavy the last week or so, this full moon does encourage us to connect with our community and find comfort in those around us. Take time to be reflective, and move through your own rituals, and also make time to be with the people who you trust the most. Coming together in healing and transformation is a beautifully connective practice.

So we’ve talked a little bit about what energy the full moon brings us, now let’s talk about what the energy of Scorpio can bring us this full moon. Scorpio has a reputation of being deep and hard to understand, but the truth is that Scorpio energy just encourages us to go deeper into the understanding of ourselves. Once we can see our depths, we can alchemize them and transmute this energy for our highest good. Scorpio is a water sign that is emotionally intense and can signify rebirth. Because of the timing of this full moon, rebirth is the perfect word to work with. When we are sitting in the energy of rebirth, it can be challenging to forgive the past versions of ourselves…Please remember to thank your past self for all that is has done for you as you wouldn’t be here today without that.

The last note about this emotionally intense moon is how we can work with the opposing energies of Taurus (where the sun is) and Scorpio (where the moon is). This energy reminds us of the importance of harmony between our physical energy + our logical side (Taurus) and our mystical + mysterious side (Scorpio). These both need to be present for true transformation. Spend some time this full moon with your feelings and emotions. Not everyone feels comfortable sitting with grief, fear or lack of worth but it’s incredibly important to recognize these patterns in the depths of our conciousness in order to shed them and move forward.

Here are a few tips to help you through this Scorpio Full Moon:

  • Tap into your feminine energy; that of receptivity and intuition

  • Spend time with your emotions and honour what you are feeling

  • Reflect on your self worth and your fears

  • Write down what you wish to let go of and send it off with love

Now is the time for deep change, transformation and rebirth. Take is easy and slowly, putting one foot in front of the other and know that you are divinely guided and supported through this journey.

You are safe. You are here. You are magical.

Take care of yourself this Full Moon and remember to stay present through all of the emotional shifts.

With so much love,

Krista Marie


Full Moon Oracle Guidance

The Journey - Mystical Shaman Oracle by Colette Baron Reid

The Journey is a card that comes up when we are stepping fully into the unknown. We are embracing the wisdom of the owl and opening our wings up in order to fly to new heights. It seems as if this owl has come into our view to remind us to keep an open mind (as it sits at the crown chakra) and to be expansive in our thoughts.

The unknown can be a scary place of fear and ego if we let it…but with this Scorpio full moon, The Journey encourages us to use this energy for transformation and growth instead of fear and doubt.

Focusing on the throat and heart chakra, this card comes up to help clear these energy centres and reopen them up. This allows us to feel where we must go in life and use our voice to speak our authentic truth. Because the owl has come to us in this card, it’s important that we share our wisdom (through our voice) with the world. Share your knowledge, lessons you’ve learned and all that has gotten you to this point with those who are willing to listen.

Lastly, this card can signify a time to go within and explore the energy of the hermit (in the tarot). Be reflective, and ask your higher self what is next for you on this Journey.

Remember that when we step into the unknown, we grow. When we open our hearts, we grow. This full moon is all about transformation and growth and this card is here to support you through that.

All astrological information from the amazing Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter 
Oracle card reading from the incredible Colette Baron Reid’s Mystical Shaman Oracle

NEW MOON in Taurus

Welcome to the earthy, calming and grounded New Moon in Taurus. This is a new moon I have been waiting for after all the intensity that has been floating around these last few weeks.

Taurus is an earth sign that reminds us to take care of our physical body and take stock of what is happening on the physical level. She is a nurturing energy, that is here as a call to action to take a deep breath in and BE. She is a sign that allows us the space to check in with ourselves and find that deep knowing within that we are worthy. The New Moon is happening on May 4th, such a beautiful day! Spring is upon us, the grass is becoming green and the energy is shifting from intensity to stillness.

If you’re new to working with the moon cycle, New Moons are the time in which we plant seeds to manifest our true desires. Because the Moon works with the feminine energy of receiving and nurturing, this is a time to set logic aside, really dig deep and ask ourselves what we really want.

“This new moon is all about realizing you are worthy of the life you dream.  It is not about doing, or reviving yourself, but rather about acknowledging the power you already hold.” - Spirit Daughter

What is stopping you from receiving? It is a sense of not being worthy? We must ask ourselves these tough questions this New Moon. Because if we have blocks up around receiving, due to lack of self worth…the universe won’t be able to respond to our true needs. Take a moment, a deep breath here, and ask yourself what do you TRULY desire?

Remember as you are breathing here, that you are worthy of receiving the life you desire. All that you want, can be yours when you set aside old patterns of doubt and fear and embrace a sense of gratitude and love! When you can nail down your true desires, even just one of them, we can use the energy this new moon to plant the seed and start to grow this dream of ours!

Here are a few tips to stay grounded this New Moon:

1) Step into a place of Gratitude - Release fears and recognize the beauty that surrounds you. Finding a sense of gratitude for life can shift your mindset from lack to love.

2) Define Abundance - what is abundance to you? Is it just money, or is it love, friendship and life itself? Get to know how you think of abundance…maybe there is room for a new idea around it!

3) Declutter your Space + your Mind - Spring Cleaning isn’t just for our clothes and our house…now is the time to declutter your physical space and allow that to be reflected in the mind. Get rid of old clothes, and old thought patterns. Ask yourself “does this bring me joy” and if not, let it go!

4) Remember YOU ARE WORTHY! Enough said.

Take some time over the next couple days to journal, ask the universe and then allow some space for your desires to manifest. You deserve everything you can dream of. Step into that power, that knowing and it’ll be YOURS!

With love + light,




Work Your Light Oracle Cards – Rebecca Campbell

PILLAR OF LIGHT - “Your vibration is rising. You are the oracle.”

Pillar of Light comes up when we are being reminded that we are on our spiritual journey here on earth. It’s a card that shares with us the importance of the earthly work and reminds us to stay in touch with our higher selves on this journey.

It’s a card that shows up to tell us we are rising. Together, our vibration is climbing to new heights. Take some time this new moon to meditate and connect with that higher version of yourself. The one that can feel the energy flow through them, and channel that when you are creating your intentions.

When we connect with our higher self, and set intentions from a place of love and truth, we can watch these seeds grow from a whole new perspective.

Pillar of Light is YOU. You are a light being. You are on a path. Acknowledge that, own it, bask in it. And use this knowledge to create the life you desire so deeply this new moon.

You deserve every minute of happiness and joy. Do the work!

All astrological information from the amazing Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter

Oracle card reading from the incredible Work Your Light Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell


Welcome to our second Full Moon in Libra!

This is an astrological rarity to have two full moons back to back in the same sign, so let’s embrace and enjoy the balancing and harmonious energy Libra brings us, again.

For those of you who are new to working with the moon cycle, let’s first start with understanding what the full moon brings to us here on earth. The full moon is illuminating and it invites us to look at places in our life we weren’t willing to look at, by shining her light on them. Each moon cycle, the full moon falls in a different zodiac sign (except on occasions like this one) and that zodiac sign brings different energies to the full moon. Because the sun and the moon are opposing each other (sun in Aries, Moon in Libra) we are also experiencing the yin/yang energy from both the planets and their signs.

This cycle, like last, we are working with Libra energy. Libra is a peaceful sign, that brings forth balance and harmony in ourselves and our relationships. With the full moon being in this air sign, we are being asked to reflect and observe how we react and communicate in our relationships with our family, partners and friends.

The full moon also offers us a time to let go, surrender and release what no longer serves us. Because of the astrological aspects happening in the sky, this may be a more difficult moon to sit with. Difficulty isn’t something we should run away from - it’s something we can embrace on our journey of growth and self realization. We can use this time as an opportunity to test and work with our tools, such as meditation and yoga. Just a tip: refrain from using numbing agents like alcohol during this astrological event!

We are being asked to feel, deeply. It’s time to let go of what we thought was true and step into what is actually true in our lives. Step into vulnerability, into surrender and trust that this path is as it should be. You may feel the need to control more than usual this month, try to release that and invite surrender and love into your life instead!

Take extra good care of yourself this full moon.

With love + light,



Full Moon Oracle Guidance

Medicine Guardian -Angels + Ancestors Kyle Gray

Medicine Guardian is here to remind and encourage you to be open to healing information at this time. With the second full moon in Libra, we are closing out another cycle in our lives. It’s bringing forth the energy that for us transform ourselves.

He also reminds us that our natural state is one of wholeness and to fill up your cup this full moon.

It feels like a transformative time, use the guidance and help of Medicine Guardian to feel love and support this full moon.

You are love.

You are loved.

Remember this when things feels uncomfortable, triggering or painful.

All astrological information from the amazing Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter

Oracle card reading from the incredible Kyle Gray’s Angels + Ancestors

NEW MOON in Aries

New Moon in Aries

Welcome to the New Moon in Aries, happening on Friday April 5th.  This New Moon ushers in the fiery energy that Aries brings to us.  Although the new moon normally harnesses the energy of a fresh start, this moon especially highlights this, as Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac.  It’s a time of new beginnings with a bang!

            “Turning in is a subtle art enhanced by the stillness of the New Moon”

                                                -Spirit Daughter

The new moon invites in a time of darkness, in which we can plant intentions, listen to our inner voice and start fresh with new ideas.  When the light of the moon isn’t shining down on us, we are being asked to listen intently and tap into the depths of our truth.  From there, we are able to align to our highest vibration and plant seeds that will support our purpose and path, without expectations of what is to come! 

Aries brings to the table the cardinal fire energy that encourages us to check in with our internal fire, and take an inventory of what motivates us.  It’s an electric feeling when we sit with an Aries new moon.  When we take inventory of what truly motivates us, it allows us to understand our inner fire on a deeper level and helps us find balance. 

Fire energy is tough to work with sometimes because it involves both earth and air to keep it alive.  It needs enough air to keep it burning and enough earth to keep it grounded.  This is where we find our balance.  We need to take time this new moon to find our balance, find what grounds us and what keeps the spark flying.  When we align to this balance, the whole universe will support us on our path when we come into alignment with our higher self.

From the amazing, Spirit Daughter New Moon Workbook, here are a few tips to stay in alignment this Aries new moon:
-experiment with what your purpose is
-notice what absorbs your attention
-notice what brings you energy
-remember your passions
-release past expectations 

I’ve pulled an oracle card to share with you all for this moon cycle.  Check out below for the New Moon in Aries Oracle Guidance! 

With love, light + truth,




Work Your Light Oracle Cards – Rebecca Campbell

PLAY - “Have fun.  Celebrate.  Don’t be too serious”

PLAY is a card that comes up when we are stuck in the seriousness of life.  The last month or so has been a deep time of reflection and going within.  Now is the time to honour what we have seen from our depths and step into our playful side. 

Aries is a playful, fiery and young energy.  This reminds us that it’s okay to be playful and step out of the seriousness of reality!  It’s okay to rip up the dance floor or sing at the top of your lungs.  It’s encouraged at this time to celebrate, laugh and sit in the energy of PLAY.

Ask yourself this:  What lights you up inside?  What makes you laugh?  How do you play?

Once you’ve found the answer to those questions, go and DO those things!

Play is also about tapping into the energy of achievement.  You have been working SO hard lately and now is the time to step back and take in all that you have done.  It’s a time of rest, rejuvenation and celebration for all you have worked so hard at. 

You are a light.  Step into that.  Shine bright and don’t forget to laugh! 

All astrological information from the amazing Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter

Oracle card reading from the incredible Work Your Light Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell



Wednesday March 20th 2019

Welcome to the full moon in Libra, the sign of balance and relationships.  Before we dive into the energy of Libra, I’d like to really break down what the full moon cycle represents and how we can best work with this energy. 

The full moon harnesses the energy of illumination, as it’s a bright and well-lit time of the moon cycle.  With this illumination, comes our ability to see and highlight areas of our life that we haven’t been giving attention to.  It’s hard to ignore the energies when they are being lit up like this, which means it is time to examine what we want to release. 

The full moon is a time to let go of what no longer serves us on this journey.  This can be an intense time, but just remember that it’s okay.  It’s okay to feel these astrological events deeply and to experience discomfort…this is where we grow.   With this release, we will feel a sense of alignment to our inner peace. 

Libra embodies balance and helps us explore our relationships deeper.  These are two subjects that aren’t always easy to deal with.  Balance requires us to experience the light and the dark, comfort and discomfort.  This full moon will invite you to dig deep, illuminate the areas of your life you’ve been putting aside and examine how you can see the light in them.  The difficulty with this is that we actually have to feel the darkness to experience the light.  Be kind to yourself through this process.

To embody a sense of balance requires us to go within (hello mercury retrograde!) and examine where we are out of balance first.  Balance is a practice, just like in our physical yoga practice and balance postures, it takes time to build this up in our internal energy.   Ask yourself this: what happens to your internal dialogue when you’ve lost balance externally?

The last topic this full moon is asking us to touch on is forgiveness – both of ourselves and in our relationships.  Some of the biggest disturbances in our internal dialogue are from a place of regret, anger and resentment.  When we surrender to forgiveness and combat these feelings with compassion, we can let go of the hold the anger has on us.  This is where we can experience growth.  We are being asked to let go of the past, forgive others + ourselves and embody a sense of balance. 

Forgiveness isn’t an easy energy to work with but it is crucial to our self-healing.    Let go, release and move into Aries season feeling free and open to experience balance in all aspects of your life.

With lots of love and light, Krista.



Wisdom of the Oracle – Colette Baron Reid

The Never Ending Story

The Never Ending Story is a card that comes up when we are experience defeat and self-criticism.  This makes sense as we are moving into a full moon that is asking us to forgive.  The Never Ending Story card didn’t come up so you can harp on yourself; it came up simply as a reminder that we can move forward from this with forgiveness. 

This card proves to us that there is no such thing as perfect/imperfect.  This is an illusion we create in our minds that steers us off track of our true path.  It’s time to stop telling yourself you’re not okay and to let go of the things you’ve done in the past.   

They are gone, and it’s time to move forward and forgive yourself.  The wounded ego has no place in the journey to our higher self.  The old stories we tell ourselves, the old patterning need to be released at this time.

It’s time to step into your truth, the true story.  Leave the false self, the ego and the resentment behind as you continue on your journey to love.   

All astrological information from the amazing Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter

Oracle card reading from the incredible Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

NEW MOON in Pisces

New Moon in Pisces

Wednesday March 6th 

Pisces is the sign of the fish; represented by the depths of the ocean, the waters of change and  connection to the moon.  Pisces encourages us to see the world without separation.  There is no you and I, because we are all one.  “We are in fact the universe according to Pisces, and the universe is us”.  This new moon encourages us to trust the universe, which in fact is ourselves and surrender to flow of life.

We are being asked to work with detachment this new moon.  Letting go of our attachment to outcomes will allow us to flow through life with more trust and connection.  With this idea of detachment, we can invite a sense of surrender to both positive and negative situations in life.  This allows us to tap into the energy that everything is perfect, just as it is and to trust the universe (ourselves) in the process.

This new moon invites us to fully surrender our need to control.  To trust that we are all connected and that our intuition is powerful.  Pisces season and new moon is an invitation to dive deep into our self awareness and true knowing.  The need to control has no place in this divine journey.  We are being asked to challenge ourself and step into discomfort.  Letting go of controlling events isn’t easy, but it’s necessary if we are wanting to practice detachment.  

The new moon is a time to set intentions and work with connecting to your higher self to manifest your dreams.  Although we are asked to set powerful intentions, we are also being guided to leave our dreams open ended to allow for magic to enter.  When we work with the energy of the new moon, we are inviting the energy of both the sun and moon into our lives. 

The sun and moon are both in Pisces, encouraging us to both DO and BE this embodied energy.  The key to this is balance; finding a place where we can trust our intuition and be (the moon) but also taking initiative on our dreams and do (the sun).

Here are some tips from the amazing Spirit Daughter New Moon Workbook to stay aligned this Pisces New Moon:

-release expectations 

-embrace new lessons and opportunities to learn

-become aware of your methods of control (and release this need)

-start to get comfortable with being uncomfortable


Take some time this new moon to reflect and jot down your dreams and goals.  Invite the energy of Pisces in while you work through these reflections:

-where do you feel your intuition in your body?

-how can you find the good and the lessons even in the negative experiences in your life?

-where can you release control in your life and invite in surrender?

-how can you shift from being the “doer” to being the “observer”

I pulled an oracle card to share with you all for this moon cycle.  Check out below for the New Moon in Pisces Oracle Guidance. 

With love, light and truth,


New Moon Oracle Guidance  

Mystical Shaman Oracle - The Spiral

The Spiral is found extensively in the natural world.  It represents transformation and growth, and is a guide for us to explore our deeper awareness of one consciousness.  This card comes up in a reading to remind us that nothing is linear, and encourages us to perceive situations with cyclical outlook.   

This card is about surrender, and this new moon fully supports that.  Surrender and trust are the keys to an inspired life, but we must let go of the linear expectations we have for our human experience.

The Spiral is a way of living.  A way of being.  We must remember to let go and surrender to the cycles in life.  This Pisces New Moon is encouraging us to trust ourselves, our intuition and the spiral to guide us. 

On the new moon, ask yourself where you can let go of your rigid thoughts and patterns and invite a spiral of surrender into your life?  Once you do, you invite the magic of the ever changing and evolving Spiral to inspire your truth filled life.

All astrological information from the amazing Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter

Oracle Card reading from the incredible Mystical Shaman Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, Alberto Villoldo and Marcela Lobos



Tuesday February 19th 2019

Welcome to this earthy and powerful Virgo Full Moon.  When we work with the full moon we are working with opposition.  The sun and the moon are opposing each other in the sky and therefore we are experiencing both of their energies.  The full moon invites us to let go of what no longer serves our path and make space in our hearts to manifest our dreams.  The Full Moon is a time of release and a shedding process.  It can feel quite intense for many people, because releasing old thought patterns, habits or even past lives can leave us feeling vulnerable.  But this is all part of our growth; remember that when you are feeling discomfort this full moon.

Right now, the sun is in the sign of Pisces, this beautiful water based and dreamy sign.  As we enter into this Full moon we are working with the polarity between our dreams & spirituality (Pisces) and our physical body & earthly reality (Virgo).  Virgo represents the goddess and the mother but also our physical body and our daily routines.  We are being asked to take a look at how we move through each day, and the routines we have developed.  Now might be the time to change up these routines, so that we can find a new way to achieve what we truly want in this life.

This full moon will give you the opportunity to heal structures in your life that are not serving you and work with fully releasing them.  We talk about releasing in the full moon as it helps create space for new and better opportunities to arrive in your life.  This is also a time to remember that you must take care of your physical as well as your emotional body; only then can you help and serve others.

Once we get through the release of this full moon, we will be open to expanding our consciousness and enhance our connection to spirit.  But first we have to bring forth the lower vibrations of both of these zodiac signs, examine how they affect us and fully let them go.

Here are a few questions and journal prompts you can work with around the time of the full moon:

How does it feel in your body when you say yes and really mean no?

What are some behaviours, habits, energies or relationships you won’t allow in your life any longer?

I hope you take some time to really reflect, tune in and take care of yourself this full moon. 

With lots of love and light, Krista.


Wisdom of the Oracle – Colette Baron Reid


Why appears for us in a reading when we need to really come back to this question.  Throughout our daily life, we can sometimes forget why we are on this path of self-discovery and what are true intentions really are.  There is a lot of power in knowing the “why” of your life and your path at this time.

This Virgo Full Moon is already asking us to dig deeper into our why and our truth, this oracle reading is adding another layer to it.  We are being asked to let go and release everything in our path that no longer serves our higher self and this can be quite a challenge.  But if you have developed a strong connection to your why, you can return to that every time you face self-doubt. 

This full moon I invite you to simply ask yourself, why?  Journal about it, draw pictures or even ask your own deck and really get to the bottom of this very important question.

All astrological information from the amazing Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter

Oracle Deck reading from the incredible deck Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

NEW MOON in Aquarius


Welcome to February and Aquarius season. A beautiful time for aligning with both your higher self and soul tribe. Aquarius is the water bearing wanderer: she connects people and communities. This season we are being asked to open up to our soul group and friend circles and begin to learn from them. Staying inspired is such an important part of living in alignment, and we are being invited to find inspiration through community and sharing this season.

As we welcome in February, we also welcome in the beautiful new moon in Aquarius. This new moon falls on February 4th and is all about moving forward through meaningful expression. Aquarius new moons give us a change to identify our unique self and develop the authentic use of our voice. During this new moon we have access to the depths of our knowing which will help inspire us to see the clear vision.

“We watch this dance in our skies as she [the moon] waxes and wanes, always returning back to New, where she appears invisible” - Spirit Daughter

New moons usher in the energy of manifestation and planting seeds for our future. With the Aquarius new moon, the emphasis is on how we can cultivate authentic desires to help us on our path. Authenticity is found when we let go of limiting patterns and step fully into this awareness of trust. Ask yourself these questions: what sets your soul on fire? What do you truly desire to settle into the most authentic you? These are important questions to think about over the next few days as you work with setting your new moon intentions.

Although, we tend to go inward and sit with the darkness during the new moon cycle, I encourage you to connect and find community over the next few days. Inspiration comes in many different forms, and for this new moon it will come from spending time with like minded people and opening your heart up to new experiences.

From the amazing, Spirit Daughter New Moon Workbook, here are a few tips to stay in alignment this new moon:
-see yourself in everyone
-own your frequency
-find what opens your heart
-be vulnerable
-release judgment

Here are a few reflections you can incorporate into your new moon ritual:
-How does my soul group inspire me?
-How can I step into alignment with my higher self?
-Where can I invite more creative expression in my life?
-What desire is buried beneath your logical mind?

I pulled an oracle card to share with you all for this moon cycle.  Check out below for the New Moon in Aquarius Oracle Guidance! 

With love, light + truth,



Drum - Angels & Ancestors by Kyle Gray

Drum appears in a reading when there are so many opportunities for your dreams to become reality.  This is an amazing card to work with for the New Moon in Aquarius, as it’s an extra reminder to dream big. 

Drum is a card that connects us to our inner knowing.  It helps us uncover insight and information that will be important for our path.

This card is a sign that you are connects to the wisdom and intelligence of earth and that her magic surrounds you.  “What you have seen in your dream and inner vision is not just imagination.” 

This New Moon take some time to really check in with what has been coming up in your dreams and imagination.  Remember that this is the universe nudging at you to begin living your BEST life.

“Dreams come through – know it and live it!”

NEW MOON in Capricorn

NEW MOON in Capricorn  - Saturday January 5th

Ringing in the New Year with this beautiful Capricorn New Moon energy – what a perfect energetic combination to set meaningful and powerful intentions for this moon cycle and all of 2019!

This New Moon is happening on January 5th and we can work with its energy for about 24 hours on either side.  I like to work with the new moon energy on the day, but sometimes life gets in the way of that…so don’t worry if you’re not seeing this until Monday.  Still take some time to sit with these words and reflect.

Let’s start with talking about the sign that the new moon (and the sun!) is in, Capricorn.  Capricorn is an earth sign, which to me signifies this idea of being grounded and really here in the physical material world.  It is also a sign of commitments and energetic evolution.  Take some time this Capricorn season (and new moon!) to focus on your physical world reflecting on some of these questions:

  • What is happening around you? 


  • What is distracting you from focusing on your goals and desires? 

Each month, the sun and moon come together and this is when we experience the energy of the new moon: the darkness.  It’s during this phase in the lunar cycle that we are asked to go deep within, into the darkness of our consciousness and establish what we truly desire.  Thinking long and hard about what we want our life to look like, getting rid of fear, and dreaming up magical ideas out of love.  

The new moon is my favorite phase of the lunar cycle because to me this is a fresh start.  It’s a time when we can really dig deep, and set powerful intentions.  I have always resonated strongly with this energy and have found that each cycle I connect with this phase, my bond to the moon grows stronger. 

I also love the energy when both the sun and the moon are hanging out together in a zodiac sign.  This new moon it’s Capricorn, so naturally there is more of this energy raining down on all of us.   It’s time to buckle up – 2019 is going to be an amazingly energetic year.  It’s a 3 universal year in numerology – time to get creative, find our flow and tap into all the abundance that surrounds us!

I pulled a card to share with you all for this moon cycle.  Check out below for the New Moon in Capricorn Oracle Guidance! 

With love, light + truth,



Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey reminds us that we must trust in the universe, and know that abundance surrounds us.  It is a sign from spirit that our needs will be met, and to surrender to the flow of life.   This card comes through for us when we are working with our authentic self and it shows us we are on the path to great opportunity, if we stay true to this authenticity.  It’s a sweet time.  Lean into this magic, and flow.  Invite abundance, with an open heart.

When you are working with the energy of the new moon combined with Milk + Honey, it’s time to set your intentions with love and trust.  Knowing that we have the power to manifest the life we are meant to live is a theme this new moon.   

Below are a few questions and reflections to journal for this New Moon.  Take your time with these, think hard and answer from your heart:

  • If fear were out of the picture, what would your life look like?

  • Do you truly believe you are worthy of abundance?  If not, why?  Dig deep here.

  • Write one “I AM” statement that you would like to work with this lunar cycle.  One statement embodying the state of mind, or intention you are working towards!  An example is I am fearless, or I am opening to receiving abundance in all forms.   

A few other rituals you could include during the New Moon are to draw a card from your favorite oracle deck.  Ask your deck, what energy would you like me to focus on this new moon, and watch as the universe points you towards the magic. You can sit with your favorite crystals, asking that they help guide you while you set intentions. You can also write down everything you desire, without holding back.  Using your journal as a place to dream BIG! 

There are so many ways you can honor yourself during this New Moon – feel into whatever calls you.  And don’t forget to breath.  It’s during these dark times, where the deep healing begins.

From Fear to Love: My Path Towards Living in Alignment

There was a time in my life where all I really knew how to do was react to situations:  to look at problems with fear, instead of love. I didn’t know how to see the lesson, or the gift in these situations, it was immediately, reaction.

I will never forget the time (because my mom won’t let me – ha!) I had it in my rigid and stuck brain that I was to be at the pool at 6:15am to train for a triathlon, just to find myself at a pool that was closed for maintenance.  I called my mom panicked, having a full-blown anxiety attack over the idea that my plan didn’t go the way I wanted it to.

That was an eye opener, but not one big enough to recognize the extent of my issues.  Oh no, I had to go through a few (or many) more of these episodes and find myself in an absolute shit storm of a situation to really realize that the way I was living, and reacting, was not in my highest good.  I was not living in alignment.

So there I was, on New Years day, my whole life had changed in the matter of hours and I was in a situation of truly not knowing what my next move was (and this from a girl who had her whole life figured out at age 9).  I was 21, had just been dumped, and was using booze and boys as an outlet from the pain of betrayal and heartbreak.

I was working a meaningless job, in a meaningless city, with no real friends or support.  My anxiety was at an all time high, and I was what my grandpa would call “gold fishing”.

I didn’t know what this city or job had to offer me, but magically I was offered an out.  To move out West and manage a store…my very own store! It was a dream come true. But this magic didn’t happen over night – oh no, it took me months of struggle, pain and anxiety to get to this point.

There was a time in between the breakup and the big move where I was at a low point.  And I had finally been referred to a physiologist to try and help me manage this anxiety that at this point, had fully consumed me.

Off I went, to meet Dr. Hampe – the doctor that changed everything for me.  At first I was under the impression that when you go to see a doctor like this, they just give you medicine and all is fixed.  Well that was yet another eye opener. He said to me

“Krista, you don’t need medication.  You need to slow down. To breathe. And to find balance.”

I was sitting there questioning all of his advice, but at the same time, sort of open to any solution that may help.

We finished our long, emotional session by him suggesting, I take up the practice of yoga.  Keep in mind, I was a “gym rat”, marathon runner and rigid as hell. Not to mention the shape of my physical body was not that of a “yogi”!  But nonetheless, I took his advice and started a yoga practice in February of 2013.

I remember walking into this yoga studio; a quite, gentle and serene space with the intention to get a work out in and say I am doing yoga.  The first few classes were awful, so quiet and still. My mind was filled with so many self-loathing thoughts.

“Why can’t I sit still?  Why can’t I do this pose? Am I not even good enough for yoga?”

Over time, those thoughts slowly stopped showing up on the mat.  It wasn’t immediate, but I could feel a shift in my mental well-being.

I could feel my breath.

I could feel my body.

After years of thinking I knew my body, I was starting to actually know this physical body I lived.

It took a long time to get to where I am now with the connection to my body and mind and I know I still have a lot of work to do.

But, looking back, I can see that this was all part of the journey.

All part of the path towards living in alignment.

|| Finding Faith ||

“Our faith is often tested.  We come into certain situations that leave us wondering if faith has our back, asking ourselves if we should turn to ego instead?  But the thing about faith is, that once you’ve taken the journey to ego (fear), your faith grows stronger.”

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