Krista Marie is the owner + designer at KRISTA MARIE.  She is a crystal healer, yoga instructor and intuitive reader.  With Krista's background in retail marketing and management, she decided to start her own healing crystal business in the fall of 2015.  After 2 years of running Alexandra Bead House (now KRISTA MARIE), Krista decided to fulfill her dream of being an entrepreneur and took it on as her full time gig.  Krista's love for crystals, yoga and yoga has blossomed into a well-rounded heart healing business. Krista’s newest venture is Be Nice Yoga Co which she co-created with a dear friend. Head over to Be Nice Yoga Co and check it out!

Krista enrolled in a 10 month Yoga Teacher Training program in the Fall of 2015.  Through months of learning, practicing and integrating yoga into her life, she truly wasn't sure if teaching was for her.  It wasn't until she completed her 200hour yoga teacher training in the spring of 2016 that she realized she was meant to teach:  And not just yoga.  Krista began teaching regularly at GoodLife Fitness and Wilkie Wellness and is now opening up her own space.

Be Nice Yoga was a fully inspired creation that came about in early January 2019. Teaching is Krista’s calling, whether it is a moving through a yoga class, teaching a creative workshop or facilitating a full moon ceremony. Krista's desire to teach continues to grow with a deep focus on healing and sharing tools to help people heal themselves. 

Along side running KRISTA MARIE and teaching yoga, Krista also works part time at a local crystal & book store where she shares her love and knowledge of crystals with everyone who walks in the door.  Retail wasn't Krista's dream job until she stepped in the door of Awarehouse Books in Regina.  Interacting in such a magical and connected space has shown Krista that retail can be truly filled with love and light! 

On a more personal level, Krista is a dog (and cat) mom to her babies, Emma and Nova.  She has her own creative space where bracelet making magic happens and tarot cards are read!  Krista has been on a heavily guided journey for a few years now and is opening up each day to new possibilities in life and in her business.

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